Electric Bach
Seven-string electric bass arrangements of works by
the Baroque composer Johann Sebastian Bach
I have high quality scores with 7-string bass tablature for all the works listed in the Music section. They are mostly complete but still need tweaking in some places. Many of the Cello Suites lack slur notation due to the fact that this notation is not as well documented for these works as they are for the solo violin works. I intend to add this notation using a variety of sources and using my own judgement about how I prefer to play these works. The solo violin works are already fully notated using the commonly accepted slurs or as interpreted by me in places where sources disagree. These scores have been checked against multiple sources for accuracy. Discrepancies between sources are noted if they represent different interpretations by the editors. The scores were originally created as MIDI files in Cakewalk Pro Audio (pre-Sonar) and then imported into Passport Encore. As each work is recorded, I will make these scores available as PDF files.